Five Ways You Can Keep Your Heart Healthy

We often hear about the positive effects that exercise and a healthy diet can have for heart health. However, there is more that can be done to ensure that your heart is kept in good working order. As expert providers of heart scans such as ECG testing, we will guide you through a few tips. 

Get Your Sleep 

Sleep is fundamental for heart health. A lack of sleep puts you at greater risk of cardiovascular disease regardless of age. We suggest that you make getting adequate sleep a priority. Where possible, aim for approximately 7 to 8 hours most nights. Those with sleep apnea should get treated, as this can sometimes be linked to heart disease and arrhythmias.

Try Not To Sit for Long Periods 

Staying seated for extended periods of time can be bad for your health, regardless of how much exercise you do. Those who work long hours sitting at desks should take action to counteract this. We suggest that you take time regularly throughout the day to break up those long periods of time spent sitting at your desk. 

Eat Healthy Fats 

Fats are essential as part of any diet. This includes saturated, polyunsaturated and unsaturated fats. However, trans fat (or trans-unsaturated fatty acid) is not needed as part of your diet and has been shown to accelerate the development of heart disease and strokes throughout life.  Trans fats clog arteries by raising your bad cholesterol level and lowering good cholesterol. As experts in heart and ECG testing, we recommend that you read the labels on food to ensure that trans fat is kept to a minimum. 

Try to Avoid Second-hand Smoke 

Studies have shown that you are 25 – 30% more likely to develop heart disease if you are regularly exposed to second-hand smoke.  This happens as the chemicals emitted from cigarette smoke cause plaque build-up in your arteries. To prevent this, avoid smoking and standing around people who are smoking where possible. It is also very important that children are kept clear of second-hand smoke as well. 

Practise Good Dental Hygiene and Floss

Dental health is a marker of overall health, including your heart. Those with periodontal gum disease often have the same risk factors for heart disease. Furthermore, bacteria in the mouth can move into the bloodstream and, occasionally, cause heart valve infection known as ‘endocarditis’. Thus, you should floss and brush your teeth daily to prevent gum disease. 

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