Three Reasons You Need To Book In Your Heart Scan

We believe it is immensely important to invest in your cardiovascular wellbeing. Whether that be through a healthy diet or through echocardiogram or ECG testing, you should ensure that your heart’s health is a priority. In this article, we will suggest 3 reasons why you should book a heart scan. 


Firstly, it is important that you check your heart health with the help of a professional if you have any symptoms that concern you. The earlier you have your check up, the better the chances of early diagnosis, which can have a positive impact. 

But what symptoms should you look out for? Here are a few to keep an eye on: 

  • Breathlessness
  • Tiredness or Fatigue
  • Ankle Swelling 
  • Coughs, especially when they occur frequently at night. 

Don’t panic if you experience these, but make sure you get checked out if you are worried.

Family Heart Conditions 

You do not necessarily need to show any symptoms of an unhealthy heart to apply for ECG testing and other related heart scans. For example, if a close family member has a heart condition that can be inherited, you should look into booking a heart scan. Even if there are no signs of any problems, it can still provide great peace of mind to find out for sure. 

Knowledge is Power

Heart scans are not just reserved for the elderly and those with poor health. Heart scans can be important as they provide you with valuable information. With this knowledge, you will be able to make lifestyle modifications and take steps that will ensure a healthier and happier tomorrow. 

Early detection can change your life for the better. 


It is important, if you are experiencing any symptoms such as those we have outlined above – like shortness of breath or frequent coughing – that you seek medical advice regarding your heart health. However, heart tests such as ECG testing are not just reserved for those with poor health. At EchoMed, we like to make scans available as quickly and easily as possible. By booking with us online, you can receive peace of mind regarding your heart health, with same day results.

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Here at our comfortable clinic in Farnham, we make heart scans quick and easy. Book a heart scan with us today to future-proof your cardiac health. If you have any questions about our services, or would like more information on genetic cardiac conditions, please email us directly at


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