What Will Happen At Your Appointment?

Here at our clinic in Farnham, we provide state-of-the-art cardiac diagnostics. If you are concerned about possible cardiac symptoms, or want reassurance about the structure and function of your heart, we are easily accessible and here to help. But what will happen at your appointment? Here is what you can expect for the cost of a heart scan with EchoMed. 

Who will Perform Your Scan? 

Our scans are performed by a professional sonographer with specialist cardiac ultrasound training. Our team members are accredited by the British Society of Echocardiography.

How are Scans Performed? 

Echo scans are non-invasive diagnostic scans. Therefore, no equipment is inserted into the body and no treatment is delivered. A hand-held ultrasound probe is coated with gel and passed across the surface of the chest. From this, painless ultrasound waves are used to create moving images of the heart. 

To ensure accurate measurements, we will measure your height and weight. The heart will be scanned from several different angles.

Usually, an echo scan will take around 15-30 minutes to complete. Upon completion, you can leave immediately; there is no need for an observation or waiting period. 

What is Included alongside Your Scan? 

Alongside the cost of a heart scan booking, you are also guaranteed preliminary same day results. This is followed by a complete study report that will be sent to you and your GP within 24 hours. Images will be stored securely and can be accessed remotely by other physicians, if needed, through an encrypted portal. If required, we may also schedule a complimentary follow-up consultation with our medical director to discuss any abnormal results. 


We hope this article helped to summarise everything you can expect for the price of a heart scan with EchoMed. Our quick and painless heart scans can be immensely beneficial in ensuring that you are prepared for whatever the future throws your way. Even if you happen to show no symptoms of poor heart health, our scans can provide you with peace of mind on the structure and performance of your heart. 

Contact Us – Enquire About the Cost of a Heart Scan 

Here at our comfortable clinic in Farnham, we make heart scans quick and easy. Book a heart scan with us today to future-proof your cardiac health. If you have any questions about our services, or want more information on genetic cardiac conditions, please email us directly at admin@echomed.co.uk.


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