The fight against cardiovascular disease is always evolving. Read how EchoMed strive to stay at the cutting edge.

Whether we're using novel technology to identify heart disease sooner, or simply advising our patients on the latest evidence for cardiac wellness, we make sure our care is exemplary.

Five Ways You Can Keep Your Heart Healthy
We often hear about the positive effects that exercise and a healthy diet can have...
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What Will Happen At Your Appointment?
Here at our clinic in Farnham, we provide state-of-the-art cardiac diagnostics. If you are concerned...
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Three Reasons You Need To Book In Your Heart Scan
We believe it is immensely important to invest in your cardiovascular wellbeing. Whether that be...
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Can Heart Disease Be Genetic?
It’s no secret that a great deal of cardiovascular disease is linked to lifestyle factors;...
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How we analyse your scan and what it means.

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